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Life is challenging for many, but many older people in Bulgaria are hardly meeting the ends. 413 000 out of the 2,130 million retired in the country receive the minimum pension of 250lv/150$(!). The average is 412lv/250$. For the elderly without other family income or help, it means buying only essential foods and starving to get medications.

‘In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, please consider a donation to “Angels for Bulgaria” who have joined forces with other charities to provide boxes of essential provisions to the elderly in various impoverished regions. One rescue box (typically containing rice, beans, flour, canned foods, coffee, tea, etc.) is worth only 35$ and provides relief to the elderly for a month or so.

“Angels for Bulgaria” are also funding a long-term campaign to create playrooms in children’s departments of Bulgarian hospitals. Each of these rooms is only 450$ and can make children forget why they are at the hospital!

Angles are bringing the season of miracles for the upcoming Holidays. You could be one of them for someone!!! As Winnie The Pooh says ” Some people care too much. I think it is called LOVE”.

Angels for Bulgaria has the ambition to unite Bulgarians around the world who wish to help those in need, still living in Bulgaria. There are over 2 million Bulgarians abroad and we believe that all of them would want to see Bulgaria prosper. Unfortunately, the word “prosperity” is not a word that can be used to describe our nation. This is why we, at Angels for Bulgaria, firmly believe that with joint efforts we could help our compatriots.
We believe that many of us can spare 2-5-10 euros per month and sparing this amount would not affect our quality of life. However, this seemingly symbolic amount of money, coming from thousands of Bulgarians every month, can do miracles.
We have streamlined the ways to donate, we provide monthly financial reports and we ask the donors for their feedback every step of the way. This is because we believe that together we are a force to be reckoned with and that the change starts with us!
We welcome anyone who would like to join our campaigns with ideas, suggestions, voluntary work or contribute in any other way. We believe that we all have our own experience and competencies, which can be beneficial for the success of our initiative. There are many people in need in Bulgaria, but there are also hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians abroad who are keen to help. Even if just a few of us join hands in this charity initiative, we will work miracles every month. We are many, we are strong, and we can. We have proved this.

Since Angels for Bulgaria was established 9 months ago we have helped over 1122 elderly, lonely people with packages of essential food and medicines. We also support long term 50 disabled elderly people with freshly cooked meals delivered to their homes by the local social services. We also have multiple causes aiming to support vulnerable children and families in need. So far we have supported over 100 children with clothes, school materials and toiletries. One of our more recent causes is partnering with poorly-funded hospitals in Bulgaria to build play areas in their pediatric units to bring some joy to sick kids while they are treated at those hospitals.
Thanks to all donations and people who continue to support us we have achieved a lot but those in need are many more and we want to be able to reach even more people. Please help us make the world a better place and join us in our mission.

Thank you! Together we can do more!